Symposium « An introduction to WIMMICS » – 11 mars 2015

Télécharger l'afficheLe 11 mars – Amphi 5, Campus St Jean d’Angély 2, de 16h à 18h.

Wimmics (web-instrumented man-machine interactions, communities and semantics) is a joint research team between Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée and I3S Laboratory (CNRS / UNS). Its research areas are graphoriented knowledge representation, reasoning and operationalization to model and support actors, actions and interactions in web-based epistemic communities.

Intervenants :

Fabien GANDON : « Wimmics overview: Bridging Social Semantics and Formal Semantics on the Web »

– Serena VILLATA : « Argumentation and Data Protection on the Web »

– Andrea TETTAMANZI : « Agent-Based Modeling, with an application to the testing of Carlo Cipolla’s Theory of Human Stupidity »

– Alain GIBOIN : « Informing the design of social semantic systems with models of collective users and models of collective activities / tasks »


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