Séminaire « Ownership outside the law : the psychological roots of children’s ownership judgments » – 4 novembre 2016

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Les axes 1 et 2 vous invitent à leur séminaire du 4 novembre 2016, de 12h30 à 13h30, en salle 128, 1er étage de la MSHS.

Résumé :

Ownership is a major influence on how people think and feel about objects, and how they use them. For instance, people value and prefer their own possessions over nonowned
objects; ownership impacts people’s memory for objects; and ownership even influences how people physically handle objects. One influential view of ownership distinguishes between “psychological” and “legal” aspects of ownership. For instance, people can feel ownership over material goods that are not actually theirs, and can also feel little or no
ownership over goods that do belong to them. This suggests that feelings of ownership do not always match legal ownership status.


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